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Several months after reports about their relationship, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were both present in the Golden Globe Awards last February.They were even both nominated for their performances with Garfield in "Hacksaw Ridge" and Stone in "La La Land." Apart from the award, what most people are excited about is the news about the former lover's "coziness" which was seen on the award show events and the after- parties.Unfortunately in 2015, after four years of on-and-off relationship, the former lover called it quits.However, after the split, there were speculations that their love for each other never fades and that they remain close and in good terms.

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they just did a movie together called "the Rocker" it should be coming out soon so if they are dating it wont be long before everyone finds out. It makes me forget all about the bad things that happend on one particular day and makes my heart melt everytime I hear it!!!! This is the sweetest song I've ever heard in my entire life!!!!In fact, in December last year, the "Amazing Spider-Man" actor was asked on an interview about whose actress he would bring with him to a desert. "They've been quietly back together for a while now, and they've even started talking about marriage," the source said as he/she talked about the "Easy A" actress' engagement with "The Social Network" actor.Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's relationship blossomed when they met at "The Amazing Spider-Man" film.

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