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A new app called Pilot is launching its beta version at the end of March (only on i OS, sorry Android users).Pilot separates itself from the droves of Tinder knock-offs with one interesting twist: It's designed specifically for TV and movie lovers.When I met my husband he was renting a room and eating a lot of hot dogs. It’s not unheard of for there to be six days in a week the pilot is gone. Sometimes it works and the trips given match up with what you ask for. Regular marriage is hard enough, being married to a pilot can get to be ridiculous. (Although it is very true that none of us would have gone to near the amount of places without this one job perk.

"Turbulence is far and away the number-one concern of anxious passengers," says Patrick Smith, who has been a major commercial airline pilot for 21 years and is the author of Askthe We pilots think of it as a comfort—not a safety—issue." The anxiety caused by a bumpy airplane ride could be due to the common belief that turbulence can break off a wing or flip the plane.) Next time you are on Facebook and start dreaming about someone else’s situation, remember no one’s life is 100% perfect.The person who’s life you envy may well be envying yours."For all intents and purposes, that cannot happen," Smith says. No pilot will ever say that any part of the flying experience is unsafe, yet they will admit that takeoff is the most critical part of a flight."Aircrafts are subjected to extremely intense conditions during testing—more so than the most seasoned pilots will ever experience." In the rare circumstance that a passenger does get injured during turbulence, it's usually because the person has ignored the "fasten seatbelt" sign and bumped his head or twisted his ankle while walking around. "The airplane is heavy, full of fuel and flying at a relatively low speed, and the engines are at or near full power," says George,* who has been a major commercial airline pilot for 22 years.

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