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It's doubtful that the extra size yields significantly more protection for the owner.

If you do want an even bigger dog and don't mind one who slobbers, then consider: VI.

They provide assistance per request to various state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Georgia.

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One way to ensure personal and professional satisfaction is the choice given to members.

Pet supply stores (e.g., Pet Depot) stock the equipment and supplies you'll need (crate, collar, leash, brush, comb, shampoo, flea spray, bowls, etc.), but their prices are higher than those of mail-order suppliers. She wanted a large dog that would be easy to train and groom, safe around her children, and a good protector. a good Dobie is the dog I would choose if I had a child who needed a reliable pal and lived in an atmosphere of risk - but I emphasize that a lot more is captured than I can go into here by the expression "a good Dobie." Vicki Hearne, Animal Happiness (16) If you want a highly trainable, medium-sized, short-haired dog who doesn't drool a lot, who'd make a great family pet and who'd also deter criminals by her appearance alone, then a black female Doberman is the kind of dog to get. At the present time the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) maintains a registry for hip dysplasia [see Appendix A] and hypothyroidism providing valuable information on ... As reliable tests for other diseases are developed they will be added to the registry. Consequently, there is no substitute for soliciting the advice of a primary care veterinarian for the most current information....

One of the fastest and most reliable mail-order suppliers is R. Research is underway to develop DNA tests for cardiomyopathy and VWD.

Problem is, some dogs aren't very selective about the objects of their affections.

They'll try to hump arms, legs, teddy bears, sometimes even cats - usually with disastrous consequences.

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