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Described by Tech Crunch as the “Uber for escorts,” Ohlala originally launched in Germany as Peppr, an app that helped facilitate bookings with legal sex workers.However, Peppr was unable to handle logistical issues as users were messaging sex workers directly and paying in person, not through the app. Since August 2015, Ohlala has booked over 25,000 dates.But I wouldn't go out of my way to tell a girlfriend," says investment banker David, 27, who reports he really can't even count how many times he has been with a prostitute.He would only spill the beans if he thought he was going to get caught.But I’m single, a writer, and did I mention single?So when my cousin — who regularly chastises me and my penchant for dating unavailable men — invited me to his 27th birthday party, I hesitated at first, knowing I’d be mainly among couples.

"You want to chill with your friends all night and still [have sex]. "With a pro, you can do pretty much whatever you want ...

Once a female user accepts the inquiry, the couple messages one another, negotiates prices and activities, and sets up a meeting.

Even though the German press has been having a heyday over the Ohlala launch (as well as Peppr’s previous launch), the app isn’t breaking any German laws because sex work is legal in Germany.

See, in my culture, if you aren’t well on your way to being a wife, a mother and a doctoral candidate by the age of 27, there’s something wrong with you.

And if you aren’t looking for a guy, your parents will arrange one you.

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