Dating accordions

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The last two pictures on this page will open sub galleries of more accordion pictures. One of my hobbies is collecting and restoring (or having restored) accordions that deserve to be preserved.

A portfolio of full copies of nine historic concertina patents. None of these patents has any current force, all have either lapsed or been abandoned.

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The museum was created on the basis of a unique collection, gathered by Alfred Mirek (1922-2009), Ph D (Art History), Professor, Meritorious Artist of Russia over forty years.

Matt Hensley of folk punkers Flogging Molly, Michael Mc Donald (formerly of the Doobie Brothers), Rob Hyman of the Hooters, Dennis De Young of STYX, and more all perform using Hohner accordions.

With such a diverse mix of players spread across genres and styles, it's no wonder Hohner is as popular today as it has ever been.

On January 12, 1999 a decree “On the establishment of the Alfred Mirek’s Russian Accordion Museum exercising its rights as a branch of the Museum of History of Moscow”.

The first visitors saw the exposition on December 28, 2000.

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