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star for a year–has found her life partner in Goldberg, and she’s desperate to start a family with him.

But while Ricci doesn’t fear falling pregnant before her wedding, she’s hoping to stave off having children for a few years so she can fulfill her remaining movie ambitions.

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As of 2011, Ricci has been working as the zestful and manipulative air hostess Maggie Ryan in the critically acclaimed TV series “Pan Am”.They're Comfortable with Their Romantic Lives, Not Showy: Delpy is downright funny when she talks about her love life. She finds dating “weird,” and she is horrified that speed dating is finally making its way to France. Much: Talk turns to Goldberg’s previous work with David Fincher, and he launches into a story about being offered a role in , how badly he wanted it, how much he admired Fincher. “I was doing this TV show where I uprooted my entire life and moved to New York so it could get canceled after nine episodes.” Ha!Goldberg, who’s in a relationship with Christina Ricci, mentions her in passing, referring to her as “my girlfriend.” It’s casual, and he doesn’t tell us that they have the PERFECT RELATIONSHIP AND ARE SO VERY HAPPY. Delpy is equally low-key when she giggles and tells us how her agent fired her because she had been spending nine years working on the script for They Fight Well: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to go, Hmmm, a movie where a flighty woman in glasses tries desperately to bring out the wildness in her neurotic, hypochondriac boyfriend—this sounds like Woody Allen!It's a well-known fact that everybody loves a bit of the nautical trend, from Breton stripes to seashell adornments and anchor prints, we cannot get enough. And we insist you bag a nautical-inspired number of your own and boy are you going to have a tough job choosing which you like best(what a hard life!) Stay cool in blue in the pick at Asos - this colour is going to be the big thing come AW14, so we suggest you get in on the act first.

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