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for three; Bed, Bath & Beyond Use a portable fixture with customizable function.

The battery-operated Rite Lite 9-Light LED Accent Light, available through Home Depot, crams a whole range of options into one compact package.

Each of its trio of light heads pivots independently; you can tone brightness up or down by clicking a switch; and an optional motion sensor adds convenience.

It would be perfect for a dim pantry or a deep cabinet. Flexible and easy to attach, this unobtrusive device provides a continuous stretch of gentle light.

The materials you’ll need for your own lighting project will likely vary from this tutorial. Feel free to glean ideas from this tutorial to fit your own space.

Feel free to utilize one or both parts of this tutorial in creating a well-lit, inviting kitchen of your very own.

You may be thinking right now, “Laura…I am no electrician. I don’t have a great pictures of the before lighting (sorry! I was so excited to change the lighting that I totally forgot to stop and snap some shots.

But I think you can get an idea from these two pictures of what I was working with here…

And since we cook, work, play and pay bills there, we need a wide range of lighting to create a pleasant environment for all our activities and to prevent eyestrain and accidents.

I am so excited for this weekend because I’m going to give my half bathroom a little makeover.

There will be painting, installing (new sink, faucet and lighting) and new accessories. It’s suppose to start snowing on Saturday so it’s the perfect time to do some indoor projects.

If you have an unsightly above-the-sink light in your kitchen, such as this fluorescent little number, you may be ready for an upgrade.

However, it’s not always exactly cut-and-dried to swap out a light when there is cabinetry involved.

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