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Many of these influencers have careers outside of social media, but they are famous for being really good at social media, particularly Instagram.These are people with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers checking out their photos, and who brands will often pay money to be associated with.Startup Grouper similarly aims to connect people through group hangouts, but The Dating Ring focuses more on romantic connections.Kay, just 24 years old, formerly founded a babysitting company, Smart Sitting, but recently decided to really put her degree to work.But part of what makes social-media influencers intriguing is that they let fans into their lives in a casual and intimate way.They aren't peering down at you from celebrity mountain like a Hollywood movie star.Video footage that shows you the author's exact dating profile, as well as him sending out messages in real time.

Overall this product is somewhat limited compared to others on the market.

And in doing so, Hinge found out that some of its users have quite prominent Instagram followings.

Hinge put a list together for us of the 30 most eligible influencers, decided by who had a combination of activity on the app and a ton of Instagram followers.

Here they are, along with links so you can actually find their particular profile if you want. Work: Duchess Oakland & Senses Wines Education: Claremont Mc Kenna College & Harvey Mudd College Influencer type: Food/Wine Instagram handle: @cstrieter Followers: 25k City: San Francisco Here's his dating profile.

The Short Version: After using Match in the early days of online dating, David Evans quickly realized that it was an emerging trend.

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