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I’m positive some very bright people put some thought into this and decided on this scale, however I don’t know how “somewhat important” can be more valuable than “somewhat important”.

It’s all very arbitrary and inconsistent, if you ask me.

Say average or low and people might think you aren’t very sexual.

A general rule of thumb I think people should follow is to not go overboard with these questions. Avoid responding to too many sex, religion and politics questions. But too many might make you look like an extremist of some kind.

la valoración individualizada de las piezas de arte que fue presentada en textos definitivos por la Administración Concursal de ARTE Y NATURALEZA GESPART, S. en Liquidación y aprobada por el JUZGADO DE LO MERCANTIL Nº 6 DE MADRID.A very small minority of women who don’t have a lot of class are able to develop that quality and become truly classy.Doing this requires reflecting on your own self, recognizing those qualities that you are missing and having which would make you more classy (something that few, if any women, would want to do) and working in all the necessary directions to build that attractive flair of class and sophistication. Say Yes and you’ll look shallow or you’ll end up scaring off people who fear they might fall into the “overweight” category but actually don’t.Everybody has their own definition for these words.

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