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Membership at the New Orleans Country Club is a given.

Dating this person comes with oodles of benefits (dinners in the Rex Room at Antoine’s, luxury box seats at Saints games, the ability to get out of any traffic or parking ticket), but also a hefty amount of suspicion and possibly scorn from the family.

However, when it comes to New Orleans; love; and, well, Mardi Gras... Now that we have endured Valentine's Day, a celebration for anyone enjoying ...

Read More » Can we all please just agree on a relatively normal standard of dating?

Much like Venice -- another sinking city with a tourist culture and a notable Carnival -- New Orleans is a town for lovers.

This type of helmet is so-called because of its close association with the Samnite warriors of central and southern Italy, and its derivation from the Greek Attic and Chalcidian type helmets.

The surface throughout displays an exuberant dense green patina that has developed over the last two millennia.

The face is fully open, but for a short peaked vestigial nose-guard.

Everyone experiences at some point or another those unavoidable awkward silences and uncomfortable inner monologues, like “Where do I put my hands? Entertainment options abound as temperatures hover in the 70s to 80s, providing ample opportunity for outdoor activities before the swamp-like heat of summer descends upon us. Read More » My headfirst plunge into the Nola dating world has featured a myriad of emotions, including painful awkwardness, incredible embarrassment, and sheer frustration.

I have even, amazingly, experienced this trifecta of sentiments over the course of just two dates. Read More » Today's guest column comes from a guy friend who demands equal time for his gender.

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