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Prime Minister Theresa May called Sunday for tougher measures to contain Islamic extremism in Britain after an attack that killed seven people in a busy area of London and disrupted Britain's election campaign just days before a...You can play steaming HD video straight from the pages of the app, making this experience truly multi-media.Off Camera subscriptions available: Single Issue/episode: (non-subscription): .99 6 month subscription: (11 issues/episodes): .99 1 year subscription: (22 issues/episodes): .99 Available in the Apple App Store and on Amazon: Maybe Danny Mc Bride’s success as a comedic writer and actor comes from his failure as a redneck.Rent it on Amazon, Google Play, i Tunes, Vudu or You Tube. Meryl Streep, as usual, gives it her all as the Prada-wearing devil, aka fashion magazine editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly.No one else could deliver her lines with quite as much shade. If you're late to the party: 'Westworld.' HBO's high-concept drama about robots populating a futuristic theme park is just one of those shows.

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