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So he decides he's going to create his very own chat group on Skype so that he can continually yell at them. ” And Dean was like “I was just asking him that Mom!!! ” And Sam almost said Dean, and then decided to instead say that he ran into the door.

It doesn't go very well though.[ Excerpt: Big Moose: OH GODBig Moose: OHM YGODLittle Moose: Dean don’t do it. Jo Jo: Congrats Sam you’ve lost your tampon virginity ] For the screen names: Little Moose: Sam Big Moose: Dean Nerd: Charlie Jo Jo: Jo The Best Looking Novak: Gabriel The Innocent Novak: Castiel#1Trash: Meg (during Chapter 1)Masters: Meg (Rest of the series)for an explanation about Sam and Dean's usernames: Sam's only 14 and he's smol and Dean's currently towering over basically everyone atm so he's a big moose. Yeah Mary came home and they ran down stairs and I followed. I’ve never seen Dean with so much fear in his eyes.

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