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Turns out that an executive read my post, and asked someone to reach out to me.He also personally wrote me to apologize about the appeals never getting responded to.They unblocked my flagged answers and gave me my points back (I have no idea why I need the points so much; apparently the gamer in me has to be competitive on every level, including life advice over the internet). DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name [email protected] The position is with Patient Media Conversation as an Administrative Position/ Receptionist. That made me do my research and I found that many scams conducted through yahoo messenger and to look for things like no phone number or contact information, misspelled words. The people can be some of the worst people you have ever imagined.They are adults acting like 5 year olds (I'm talking about SJWs). You are bound to get some pretty nasty hate no matter what you post.

I agree that the amount of times people use Facebook is outrageous. Go outside, play a game, discover new things, and find different ways to keep yourself entertained. I like to sit my butt down firmly on a couch, and read a good book. It's contains so much idiotic disgusting people who likes using dumb memes.

But unfortunately I’ve noticed a trend that’s kind of sad. It kind sounds like this kid has an issue like PCOS or something similar, which makes it even more important that she have access to not only information but adequate reproductive health care, two things in limited supply (at least here in the U. I blame not only the lack of sex education for her worries, but also the puritanical bullshit surrounding self-pleasure. Which makes it all the more baffling that sex ed courses rarely touch on it.

There are literally hundreds of sex and pregnancy questions, presumably written by teens, that show just how dismal the state of sexual education is. I seriously doubt this is a legitimate question about her “friend,” first of all. And may I add that I think even the existing sex ed programs fall short when it comes to talking about the deeper issues surrounding sex. There are a number of explanations for this woman’s issue. Desire is the most basic of basics when it comes to sex. If more courses did, I think it would be a decent blow to rape culture.

These kids (and some adults) shouldn’t have to feel like random Internet strangers are their only recourse for finding this information. I highly doubt this girl is pregnant, but if she is, she’s at risk of getting too far along to terminate because she’s too afraid to ask for help. I don’t know how old this girl is, but judging from the quality of the writing, I would guess old enough that she should have at least a basic understanding of how pregnancy works. A quality sex ed course could cover what to do when an older person makes you feel off, as well as period stuff. If she’s this clueless about her period (though no fault of her own) then how is she going to navigate sex and dating? Whatever is going on, it isn’t normal and I hope she gets it checked out. I would wager to say that many teenage girls feel this way. And they should know that they can choose not to as well.

Below are 15, but I could easily have shown you 50. She would know it wasn’t typical if she had access to the right resources. Even good sexual education courses rarely cover things like pleasure or consent.

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