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You may also get an error when trying to sign into Origin. Until Bioware releases a patch that makes Xbox One work properly with Dragon Age: Inquisition, go to documents and find save directory in bioware/dragonageinquisition/.You should find two profile files that you can delete.

If available, turn OFF Temporal Anti Aliasing as it may cause poor frame timings. Test extensively, Crossfire may cause crashes or other issues that may not show itself in a few minutes of gameplay. Comments that lack information specifically the driver version will not be edited into the page. This list is based entirely on anecdotal subjective experiences by anonymous users and is a work in progress. CPU bound scenes lose FPS, most areas gain FPS, but suffers from increase stutter.Do note that you can either use Mouse / Keyboard or a Controller, you can’t have both.#4 – Dragon Age Inquisition Weapon Switching You cannot switch weapons on the fly. Stop wondering why you are allowed to invest points into sub-class when you cannot do it on the fly, and enjoy the game instead.Describe the level of scaling and microstutter, and any important misc. Notes: Any additional information that may come in useful to whoever's reading the page.Driver Version: Since Crossfire support can change with newer drivers and since this list is entirely dependent on user contributions based on anecdotal experiences, list the driver version you've used when testing the game.

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