Dating by the book

Though she’s tried it all—speed, blind and online dating, Meet Market Adventures, Singles’ Rodeo Night—no guy lasts longer than the half and half in her empty refrigerator.And certainly not long enough to bring home to meet her aging parents.This time it’s a woman, and her name is Sherry Argov. Her words are written with a certain kind of authority that make it seem she really might be onto something.What woman couldn’t use a dose of self-empowerment when it comes to dating?But when I got into my 20s, I took up a new game I thought I'd never conquer: dating.I remember being so frustrated at one point in my life that I cried out to God to either make me a monk or zap that special someone into my life because I was tired of playing the dating game.Trying to find the time to both pursue an idyllic love life and to impress her store’s investor, Frank, Emma must balance dating the romantic Landon with working at her store with Frank’s nettlesome son, Eric.

Unlike her happily married coworkers Marilyn and Phil, or her sister Jane and Jane’s fiancé Greg, Emma has yet to be swept away in her own fairytale romance.While the Bible doesn't give step-by-step or "how to" instructions, we can look at several stories from Scripture that shed light on our current relationship scene and provide timeless principles that still apply today.One of the biggest mistakes Christian singles make is dating non-believers.More of Paul Ekert's writing can be found by clicking on this link.... Candyland, Operation, Monopoly and Battleship were some of my favorites.

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