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We eat a lot of lemon chicken, but not a lot of lime chicken. Just mix up the marinade, let the chicken marinate a few hours or overnight and grill. It was extremely moist and flavorful, and we really loved the slight sweetness from the honey. “Good broth will resurrect the dead,” says a South American proverb.I ate so much of their vegetable soup that I am sure it was cheaper for my mom to figure out how to recreate it. I used to eat a cup of this soup every time I visited the restaurant with a tuna sandwich…DELICIOUS!As many soups are, this vegetable soup is better on the second day (but great the first too). The potatoes and vegetables need to get super tender.They were famous for their ice cream (they still sell their ice cream in town at Goodnoe Dairy Bar), but I had a few other favorites as I am sure many other patrons did as well.Specifically, my favorite was their “vegetable soup”. It is a hearty soup loaded with vegetables and pairs beautifully with some traditional Saltine crackers!I loved how easy this was to make all in one pot, including the pasta!

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Food is powerful and as we prepare a table for others, we are making a place for them in our hearts. I found this chicken recipe on Pinterest (my favorite source for inspiration).I was excited to give this recipe a try since it uses limes.Of course there will always be extroverts and introverts at a table–it’s always a nice mix.There are usually a couple of people who jump right in and make everyone feel at home, which I love. There is no magical answer to how a table experience and conversation will go!

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