Dating a traveling man

afternoon with a girl I had met and been out once with a few weeks before.

We had a lot in common, were having a good time, and I offered up making plans over a holiday weekend the following week.

Then one of my phone calls came: I was suddenly flying out the next day for an unknown length of time. Worse, I started venting to my date about my schedule, which definitely turned her off.

Since then, I’ve been in 3 countries over the last couple weeks, and won’t be home again till July.

Our lifestyle consists of brief affairs with people that we meet on the road and who we are most likely never going to see again in our lives.

Dating is such a conservative and traditional notion of modern society and we travelers are everything opposite of that.

I make in the high five figures, am in good shape, have an interesting job, am very active and fit, and am told I’m decently attractive.

I feel bad for my girlfriend because I know that she gets lonely some nights because she's so used to having him around the house.

He travels to Boston each week for four days, and even though they talk on the phone, it's not the same.

It's kind of pointless to go home for a few hours, so they sleep in cots on their office floor.

Whenever my girlfriends complain or tell me they're lonely, I think about Ina Garten.

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