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However, the guys of Beacon Hills aren’t the only ones who can land a date. Miley’s kissing track record has certainly expanded since!Before winning Miss Texas USA she attempted it four times and finished as first runner-up in 20.After winning Miss Texas USA and Miss USA in 2008 she advanced to the Miss Universe pageant where she made the Top 10 but stumbled and fell during the evening gown competition.

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The wedding party included parents, Robert and Cynthia Stewart and Tony and Martine Sebrechts; matrons of honor, Akwanza Watson and Ja’Nayle Jones; maid of honor, Candice Henderson; and Best Men, David De Vroey and Nicolas De Keijser accompanied by an exquisitely-clad host of attendants. 9) marked the anniversary of Stewart’s own parents’ wedding nuptials. Crystle Stewart is the girl who took that awesome spill in the Miss Universe competition in July.Bill split up with his wife, Jennifer Butler Murray, this summer. 'I'm not going to."Insisting she's not hiding anything, she explained: "When I was dating a guy, I would never talk about my relationships. As soon as you startthrowing up on so many walls, you cannot see over them yourself, soyou just start isolating in a way that's not honest."I definitely found where I'm comfortable. As much as Iwant to protect myself, it's not about hiding.

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