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The big, sprawling biography, which checks in at more than 400 pages, does portray Favre as an "aw shucks" country boy from Mississippi who simply wants to have fun anywhere and everywhere.

While that's the prevailing image of Favre, details of the private side of his life paint him in a more unseemly light.

Since he did not think his name would ever be called to play during any of the Falcons’ games, the young quarterback opted to party like he was still in back in college at Southern Mississippi.“I just said, ‘The hell with it.’ I went out every night, gained weight and was out of shape. I’d show up just in time for the meetings, and I’d be out of there the second the meetings were over.”Brett Favre, on his rookie season in Atlanta Favre actually ended up playing in part of two of the Falcons’ games in 1991.

He did not throw any passes during his first appearance against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 9, but in Week 11 the quarterback got an opportunity to chuck a few passes against the undefeated Washington Redskins. His first actual pass in an NFL regular season game was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Redskins linebacker Andre Collins.

Brett Favre is on the field at Giants Stadium, searching for a receiver and dodging several advancing Patriots.

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Speaking of her face, it is showing the strain of dealing with her husband and the controversy over alleged voice mails and nude photos sent to female co-worker by Brett, while they worked for the New York Jets in 2008. Jenn Sterger's lawyer announces discussions underway with NFL to set up a potential meeting to discuss Brett Favre.

This particular kind of scandal is a bit new since the last couple of times her husband messed up and didn't show the proper respect for her and their marriage, the Internet had yet to become the behemoth it is, and we hadn't fallen into the trap of the "gotcha" celebrity tattle tale shows.

For the latest news on the NFL investigation of Brett Favre, click here.

"That's improvising." Improvisation, for better or worse, is a trait often associated with the Jets' new quarterback, both on the field and in his personal life, and Deanna Favre has seen it all. Together, they have endured teenage pregnancy, Brett's drug addiction and alcoholism, threats of divorce, deaths in their family, Deanna's breast cancer diagnosis at 35 and a painful split from the Green Bay Packers.

It is a long list of challenges, but they are still together. '" she tells the Daily News in her first extensive interview since the Jets acquired Brett last month.

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