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Nagra was dating Irish actor Kieran Creggan whom she moved to Kennington, South London with before she got married. I'm not going to leave it too long, but not just yet. And it's so much hassle trying to plan a wedding [laughs].The pair first met on the set of Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards and dated for five years. I just want it to be perfect." (2007- (IMDB-2009) Nagra and Stenson were together for seven years before they tied the knot on 17th January 2009.“We’ve taken a central idea from The Changeling about the sexual awakening of a young girl,” explains the drama’s producer Steve Matthews.“Middleton in this play stumbles on an idea of sexuality that is about 300 years before its time.

She also asked the court that no spousal support be awarded to Stenson as well as to restore her legal name to Parminder Kaur Nagra.When Shawn accuses her of being a murderer, Gus steps in and defends Rachael.After the real killer is caught, Shawn apologizes and she forgives him, just as her seven-year-old son Maximus (whom she neglected to mention to Gus) comes running into the Psych office, to a surprised Shawn and a shocked Gus.She neglected to tell Gus at the outset that she had a son named Maximus. Rachael first appears in "Juliet Takes a Luvvah" as Gus's new girlfriend that he met online.When Gus introduces her to Shawn, the latter is skeptical of her.

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