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If you feel more comfortable typing than talking, then you can get in touch with us this way.

Please note that from 3-5pm on weekdays, adult volunteers respond to texts. Emails will receive a response within 24-48 hours, so this is best when the question is not urgent and no one is in danger.

The Sexual Assault Centre strives for a campus community free of sexual violence.

The Sexual Assault Centre offers services for survivors of sexual assault or stalking and their supporters regardless of gender.

At ABC you find real people seeking to be and become serious followers of Jesus Christ.

The ABC community actively participate in Jesus’s model of transformational learning – we learn together and we strengthen our characters and capabilities through classroom study and hands-on experience.

The ABC distinction is rooted in our deep association with churches of the Restoration Movement who value careful attention to the Bible and, correspondingly, to what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

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Provides not only individual counselling, but couples, family, group therapy, and walk-in workshops.Please note that from 3-5pm on weekdays, adult volunteers respond to chats.Monday to Friday, from 3pm – 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 10pm we’re also providing support through SMS (Short Messaging Service), otherwise known as texting.Hey, we’re pumped that you’re thinking about contacting us.We know it can be tough to talk about some pretty private issues and we want you to know that we work hard to keep your story or questions confidential.

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