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As most older people have a mixture of both, they still end up needing glasses, says Dr Julian Stevens, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, who performs around 400 lens operations every year.

I've recently undergone a pelvic ultrasound and CT scan for fibroid tissues.In contrast, my wife Wendy at -3 diopters had Lasik done in 2002 by Dr. Keller of Boulder Eye Surgeons (ironically our neighbor across the street) and she had excellent results.Around age 40, it slowly started becoming more difficult to focus (when wearing correction) at close distances, especially in low light.The central endometrial echo shows some distortion. Ive been experiencing extreeme pain in my pelvic area which led my dr.;-)So while my layman's research/experience may be helpful/informative, please consult a medical professional for your personal situation.

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